Crypto Circle eXchange

Crypto Circle eXchange will be a new exchange aiming at all levels of crypto traders. The focus of the company is building the most powerful trading systems offering institutional grade performance and the safety of customer funds in mind. The exchange is not limited to any protocol (like ETH) and will offer up to 1600 plus trade pairs, including fiat pairs like EUR and USD.
One of the most outstanding unique features is the “Copy Trading” feature. The exchange will allow inexperienced traders to learn from signals given by experienced traders, by offering to copy trade the signals of carefully selected professional traders.
Besides this, an AI powered trading bot will allow for 24/7 crypto trading.
Beta launch of the eXchange is planned for Q2 2019, this is not long after the end of the public crowd sale.

CCX Private Sale

The exchange will be powered by the CCX token. This utility token will empower the holder to vote for listing of new tokens. Besides that holding the token entitles you for fee reductions and usage of premium functionality. The CCX token is currently being distributed through a private sale (15% bonus) which lasts until the 22th of November 2018. After that the pre-sale and crowd sale will be held until the 2nd of February 2019. The current price of the CCX token is approximately $0.09. For each ETH you spend in the ICO, you will receive 1945 CCX tokens.


  • The ICO is rated with an 8.8 score on ICOmarks.
  • Any unsold tokens will be burned after the crowd sale.
  • Total supply = 600,000,000 CCX.
  • Private sale = 15% bonus until 22th Nov 2018
  • Release in Q2 2019.
  • Current sale price is $0.09, utility tokens of exchanges have proven to be priced much higher.

See the Crypto Circle eXchange website for more information.

Airdrop campaign

Besides the private sale, 5% of the tokens are being distributed via an airdrop and bounty campaign. Don’t miss out on these free tokens. You can join the campaign by submitting your details to this Telegram bot.

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